Financial Attunement Inc. Mission

Financial Attunement, Inc. is dedicated to providing a clearer understanding of how to leverage one’s assets to achieve passive income great enough to live on comfortably. The Company then arranges and manages appropriate real estate investments as part of this financial freedom plan.

Company Overview

Financial Attunement, Inc. offers an array of services to real estate investors. The focus is on strong cash-flowing properties to achieve the capital growth necessary for your portfolio to not only outpace inflation but thrive amidst it. With ever longer lives and always growing costs, saving and investing for your future is key. And understanding the need for yield is even more important. By settling for standard bank or institutional returns, you will never achieve what you want. But the search for yield needs to be balanced with risk. By acquiring conservative institutional-grade commercial properties in growing U.S. markets, we offer access to an investment that benefits from both strong cash flow now and an attractive payout at sale. The combination of riding the emerging market and the value plays to boost income and value, that we specifically screen for in our property search, make for very attractive returns despite the steady reliability of a large apartment complex in a good market . By providing to qualified investors access to these investment opportunities, Financial Attunement, Inc. offers a rare opportunity to have both a conservative and high-yielding asset. Qualified investors are offered exclusive access to these high return commercial real estate investment opportunities nationwide via our private network.

Commercial and Residential Mortgages

Financial Attunement, Inc. dba ARC Funding division. ARC Funding provides loan consulting and brokerage services for commercial, bridge, construction, and residential loans. With our guidance in structuring your transaction to qualify for the most attractive financing, you typically get more efficient capital stack solutions. Loan offerings span all commercial food groups – multi family, retail, office, hospitality, storage, etc., and include FNMA, Freddie Mac, CMBS, HUD, commercial banks, insurance companies, SBA, and more.    

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