To provide solid commercial real estate investments to our capital partners with attractive risk-adjusted returns, while enhancing the lives of our tenants, investors, team, and every individual that touches our business.


We identify, acquire, manage, stabilize, optimize and divest cash-flowing value-add Class B and C Multifamily properties, in high-quality markets nationwide.





Individual (Retail) Investors
We work closely with individual investors to help them invest variable amounts into our Syndicated investment projects. Investors can be accredited or non-accredited and can invest as little as $50,000 in a project.
High net worth individuals
Through a very in-depth individualized process, we understand the investing philosophy of the high net worth individuals and help them to identify, acquire and manage properties that meet their risk, cash flow and time horizon needs.
Institutional Investors and funds
We work with Institutional groups to match them up with opportunities that match their risk-adjusted return profiles and time horizons. Institutional investors can receive preferred equity in our projects.
Family Offices
We invite Family Office principals to diversify into value-add real estate with stabilized assets that have upside and long-term appreciation potential.


Tree House

Tree House

We reached the 5-year exit goal and were recently in contract to sell over 30% above purchase price. The market was affected by the slump in oil prices so buyer backed away. Currently running the property. Paying 9% returns.



224 unit property in Houston, TX, acquired in Feb 2014 for $7.6MM. Sold for nearly 40% higher in March 2016. Investor returns were approx 39% /annum

Art City

Art City

Art City Center is a beautiful new construction project in Springville, UT. The iconic mid-rise secure access residential facility has 41 three bedroom apartments, 4 offices, and 57 storage units. The project is scheduled for completion in November 2018.

La Siera
La Siera

La Siera

152 unit property in New Braunfels, TX, acquired in 2012. Sold in 2016 for nearly 40% more, with annual return to investors of 28%.

Villas Del Lago

Villas Del Lago

Sold for nearly 80% after 21 months of ownership. Gross income increased from under 110k/mo to 150k/mo. First year NOI was 230,000 higher than pro forma. 65+% annual return to investors.

South Lake Side
South Lake Side

South Lake Side

6 Building, 237 unit project in Chicago. This project is behind schedule for turnaround. The first property manager hired was not a good fit. We are back to 90% physical occupancy and 80% economic occupancy (up from 50%). Starting to cash flow.

Long Cove Resort

Long Cove Resort

Marina and RV park acquired in Charlotte, NC in March 2016, being turned into high-end resort. Just installed first 7 of 38 cabins. Booked 500 room nights in the first few weeks of marketing. Ordered the next 10 cabins for delivery early June 2017. The model works.



235-unit stabilized property acquired in Ft. Worth, TX in Dec 2016.Focus on increasing rent & rehabbing 80 of the units to a higher spec. As of May 2017, the property has a run rate of over 4 leases per week at the higher rates, and first distributions have been issued.

Marina Bay

Marina Bay

192-unit C class apartment complex in Las Vegas purchased in May 2017. It borders the UNLV campus on two of its sides, and will be transformed into purpose built student housing by July 2018. It will be run as full-service, furnished housing, rented by the bed to individual students.

River Ridge

River Ridge

27 unit property in Tulsa, OK. Rehabbed units getting $725/mo. rent up from $475. Windows are the final step in a historic rehab that earns us a 40% tax credit. With all windows replaced and all other rehab nearing completion, and with the new $2Billion park/ community space down the street opening next year, we should see rents in the $875/mo. range.


Announcing our newest acquisition – 192 unit Multifamily Property in Las Vegas being converted into purpose-built student housing

It borders the UNLV campus on two of its sides, and will be transformed into student housing. It will be run as full-service, furnished housing, rented by the bed to individual students, who then share a 2br/2ba unit where each has their own private suite. Not the student housing we grew up with.

The extensive cosmetic rehab of both interior and exterior will transform the buildings to look like purpose-built housing of 2017. The resulting increase in revenues is projected to provide a solid return from both cash flow and eventual profit on sale.


Jean Marc Landau
Strategic Leadership

About Jean Marc

Owned, managed, financed, developed, and constructed real estate since 1982. Has extensive knowledge of the industry and taps his experience to find elegant and powerful solutions to both simple and complex real estate transactions. Jean-Marc launched Financial Attunement, Inc. after seeing thousands of financial statements in his loan practice.  How could so much capital be underutilized? Borrowers were struggling to qualify for a loan, but they were sitting on significant assets earning nothing for them; sometimes even losing value to inflation. Bringing those assets into reliable investments that provide a true return is their key to a financially secure future.  And that is Financial Attunement’s goal.
Submarket Property Selection
Investor Management
Contracts & Financials
Neal Bawa
Operational Leadership

About Neal

Neal Bawa brings strong operational and fiscal management experience to Financial Attunement. Neal has over 17 years of revenue (P&L) experience as the senior-most executive in a California education company with over 350 employees and $40MM in revenue. Neal retired after 17+ years of service to pursue a Real Estate career full time. Neal owns and manages an extensive real estate single family and multifamily portfolio in 5 U.S. States. He teaches Multifamily education seminars to over a thousand students a year. He now leads the company’s Operations group and is driving the syndication and acquisition of MultiFamily properties.
Investor Management
Sales & Marketing
Submarket Property Selection
Leasing operations & metrics
Technology & Infrastructure


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“ Always well worth the time to come to any of the BAMF meetings. The wealth of information Neal packs into his meetups is astounding. Come early to get a seat. ”

— Bon on Feb 27, 2017.

“ I was simply blown away by my first time attending a BAMF meetup. Neal Bawa’s presentation was phenomenal. It was packed full of relevant, tangible, and actionable information. This group’s culture of open sharing and abundance mindset is nothing short of admirable. I will be attending future meetups as often as possible. ”

— Ryan Fong on Feb 26, 2017.

“ Dave Freeman gave one of the most informative and down to earth presentations I have attended in long time. His deep knowledge of student housing was evident. Time well spent. Excellent speaker. ”

— Patrick on Jan 17, 2017.

“ Super Meetup event. Neal is an expert in real estate and rentals. He is the best teacher I have met in the last 3 decades and he is willing to share his knowledge to all attendees, including some potential competitors down the road. Thank you, Neal. ”

— Eugene Sussli on Apr 10, 2017.

“ This was an excellent, hands-on working session that went deeper than almost any Meetup training one could expect. Neal is clearly an expert in both real estate investing and efficiency. There is so much he could automate or outsource, it makes it possible to scale up faster with less cost and risk. Great session! ”

— Ryder Meehan on Apr 10, 2017

“ As an investor new to multifamily real estate, I was thoroughly impressed with how much I learned from the meetings and webinars. Neal is a tremendous speaker with a wealth of knowledge and insight into the multifamily market. Well worth your time! ”

— George Liu on Jan 27, 2016.








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